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Endangered Wildlife

Whales are some of the largest and most majestic creatures on our planet that live in the world’s oceans. Whale watching is a popular tourist attraction and catching a glimpse of these creatures as they breach the water is an unforgettable sight. However these creatures are endangered for various reasons, but there are many organisations that are trying to keep the habitats of these creatures alive so they can carry on living for many more years.

The Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition which has 5 different campaigns in various continents that tries and stops the illegal fishing there as this is reducing the number of toothed fish in the areas. They are also now involved in tourism, shipping and climate change. Sea Sheppard is a non-profit organisation that is set up for aquatic wildlife conservation. It aims to stop the destruction of the natural oceans and the killing of ocean animals including the endangered whales so that the ecosystem is preserved.


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